PSV recognizes the tremendous potential of sports as a viable teaching tool and has utilized the power of sports to create The Character Code Game that inspires positive change in today's youth.

Our school and camp programs equip teachers and coaches to use sports as a tool to teach children valuable life skills through character training.

  • School Character Code Game teaches students how to practice great character at home, at school, and with friends.
  • Camp Character Code Game teaches athletes how to practice great character during practice, during games, and with teammates.

Retired professional or college athletes are available to come to your school, youth program, or sports practice to speak about Character Training and to play the CCG with your students or athletes. To request a Character Coach complete this form.

Want your child's classroom/school to be considered to win a spot on the Character Code Challenge Team? Fill out this form and tell us why you want to have the CCG donated to your child's classroom.

If your school or classroom is selected, your child's classroom will receive the CCG filled with prizes that each child can earn by practicing great character. Prizes include: game tickets, character trading cards, character t-shirts and best of all, a visit from the sports team sponsoring the game.

Interested in sponsoring the Character Code Game and donating it to schools, after school programs or camps? The CCG is a personalized, turn-key character education program. Sponsorship includes the Character Code Game and Prizes such as Character t-shirs, Character Trading Cards, Sports tickets and more. If you are an organization, corporation or individual that has a passion for making a difference in a child's life and want to donate the CCG to schools and after school programs, become a part of the Character Code Team.

If you would like us to contact you to explore how you can become involved in the Character Code Game, click here to send us an email.

Teachers and coaches reward students with Character Code Prizes when they are demonstrating or practicing great character.

Character Trading Cards - state how an athlete practices their chosen character word - at school, at home and with their friends. The camp Character Trading Card states how they practice their character word - at practice, during a game and with teammates.

Character T-Shirts - Each player on the team picks one of the Character Words to become their word. This combination of words becomes the team's Character Code.

Game Tickets - Participating college or professional teams may choose to include game tickets as prizes to be earned when students are demonstrating great character.